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Andreas Weigend

Hi there, I am Andreas Weigend. My expertise is in social and mobile technologies and in consumer behavior: I study people and the data they create. In today's increasingly digitized world, consumers are sharing data in unprecedented ways. This Social Data Revolutionrepresents a deep shift in how people make purchasing and lifestyle decisions.


I advise companies that want to embrace this new reality of social data. Together, we design interactive platforms and real-time systems, empowering them and their customers to make better choices. Previously, as the Chief Scientist of Amazon.com, I helped to build the customer-centric, measurement-focused culture that has become central to Amazon's success.

I lecture at Stanford University on social data and e-commerce, and direct the Social Data Lab. I also share my insights on the untapped power of data at company events and top conferences around the globe.

I received my Ph.D. in Physics from Stanford University after studying in Germany and Cambridge. I live in San Francisco, Shanghai, and online at weigend.com.